So you are thinking about giving the BodPod a try but want a little bit more information. What is a healthy body fat percentage as I’m planning my future goals? How long does a test take? What should I wear? Here’s some healthy figures and answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Some healthy figures.


Age Underfat Healthy Overweight Obese
20–40 years Under 8% 8–19% 19–25% Over 25%
41–60 years Under 11% 11–22% 22–27% Over 27%
61–79 years Under 13% 13–25% 25–30% Over 30%


Age Underfat Healthy Overweight Obese
20–40 years Under 21% 21–33% 33–39% Over 39%
41–60 years Under 23% 23–35% 35–40% Over 40%
61–79 years Under 24% 24–36% 36–42% Over 42%

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat or drink before my Bod Pod session?
For optimal results, you should not eat or drink anything one hour prior to your scheduled Bod Pod session. Feel free to hydrate and chow down as soon as your session is over.
Can I work out before my Bod Pod session?
For optimal results, you should not work out two hours before your Bod Pod session.
What should I wear?
Men should plan to wear compression shorts. Women have their choice of compression shorts/tights and a sports bra or a swimsuit. Whatever you chose should be tight, as any lose clothing (including running shorts and traditional workout attire) skews results.
How do I sign up for a session?
Schedule an appointment online, or contact us.
So I’ve scheduled a session…now what?
Plan to arrive at Ultimate Crossfit 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. You can (and are encouraged) to wear your testing attire under your normal clothes to Bod Pod and change in our private dressing area. You also should remove any jewelry, watches, glasses, and footwear prior to testing. Now you’re ready…
So how long does the test process last?

The entire test process will take approximately 5 minutes start to finish. First, we will calibrate the Bod Pod prior to each session. During the two minute calibration process, we will weigh you using a very precise scale that provides information directly to the Bod Pod.

Once the Bod Pod has been calibrated and you have been weighed, you will enter the Bod Pod for 3 brief 40-second tests. We’ll let you know when the testing is occurring, and will also open the door between tests. During the tests, you should breathe normally, try not to talk, and stay as still as possible. During the test, you will hear or feel a slight blowing sound. Depending on inner ear sensitivities, you may also feel a very slight compression in your ears.

What happens after the test is over?
You will change back into your normal attire while we print off the test results for you. Once you have changed, we will sit down with you to confidentially review your results and then you are ready to go.
Is there anything special I need to know for subsequent tests?
You just need to remember what you wore to the original tests. Because of the sensitivity of the Bod Pod, we suggest that you wear the same clothing to every test so you can most accurately assess subsequent sessions. Other than that, we’ll track everything for you and chart any changes in your body volume from test to test.
Are there any age/size/weight restrictions?
There are no age restrictions for the Bod Pod. It can accommodate individuals up to seven feet tall and 550 pounds.
How much does it cost?
Each session in the Bod Pod will cost $45.
Why shouldn’t I just hop on my fancy home scale and call it a day?

Unlike your scale, which measures your weight and (possibly) calculates an approximate body fat percentage based on information that you enter into the system, the Bod Pod measures your Body Composition. While your weight may fluctuate based on factors such as how much water you drank the day before, how much salt you ingested, or how much you ate for dinner and your body fat reading is often dependent on entering the correct information into the scale so it can perform a mathematical calculation based on pre-programmed algorithms, the Bod Pod, takes a real time assessment that gives you an accurate measurement of:

  • Certified body weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Total lean muscle volume
  • Resting metabolic rate
  • Total energy expenditure
  • Optimal daily caloric intake

Body Composition has been shown to be the most accurate assessment of overall health as compared to weight and/or body fat percentage.

How much time do you devote to each client?
We schedule sessions every 15 minutes.